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HIMACS bathroom sinks by HIMACS

Dezeen Showroom: HIMACS is expanding its bathroom collection with nine versatile sinks that combine sleek silhouettes with the hygienic properties of the brand's trademark surfacing material.

The new additions to the HIMACS Basins collection include seven flush-mounted models designed to blend seamlessly into a HIMACS counter and two top-mounted models in a hybrid "squircle" shape that combines a square and a circle.

The expanded HIMACS Basins collection features seven flush-mounted models

The sinks are manufactured from HIMACS solid surfacing material – a mixture of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that is cast into the desired shape.

The resulting material is durable and totally smooth in order to prevent the accumulation of mould and bacteria.

"Squircle" sinks
Top-mounted "squircle" models are also available

The surfacing is also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents to ensure its lasting colour over time.

Thanks to the products' performance qualities and the expanded range of shapes, HIMACS says the sinks can be used in a range of different settings including both residential and commercial.

Pair of basins
The brand created the collection with hygiene in mind

"The warm feeling to the touch that is characteristic of HIMACS and the sleek design of these basins marry perfectly with other materials and surfaces such as natural concrete, warm natural wood or vintage tiles," said the brand.

The collection will be available from 1 June.

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