Fels stool by OUT

Fels stool by OUT

Dezeen Showroom: German brand OUT has launched its sculptural Fels stool, which is made out of wood but appears as though it is carved from stone.

OUT describes Fels as combining nature, craftsmanship and "the Berlin State of Mind" in its design. The designers intended to create a new perspective on wood by treating it similarly to stone.

Fels stool by OUT
OUT treats wood like stone in the sculptural Fels stool

"Fels is a form study that requires a special amount of time and sensitivity in the production process," said OUT. "As in sculpture, the associative form is gradually worked out of the material."

The stools are handmade in Germany and made from wood that is obtained through sustainable forestry.

Fels stool by OUT
Fels is available in a natural finish as well as a range of colours

They are available stained in a range of bold, contemporary colours that allow the wood grain to subtly show through. Alternatively, they can be ordered with a natural finish.

Fels' design gives the stool, which can also be used as a side table, a different character from each angle, and creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow.

Product: Fels
Brand: OUT
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