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Image of a dog leaving the Dome-Home dog kennel

Foster + Partners creates geodesic dog kennel as "architecture in miniature"

British architecture firm Foster + Partners has designed a wooden, geodesic dog kennel with a padded interior for dog event Goodwoof's Barkitecture competition.

The dog kennel, titled Dome-Home, was designed by Foster + Partners and hand-built by English furniture maker Benchmark.

Image of a dog resting in the Dome-Home dog kennel
Dome-Home is a geodesic dog kennel that was designed by Foster + Partners

It can be characterised by its cherry wood geodesic exterior. The tessellating geometry spans the entirety of the dog kennel and has a rectangular opening at its front.

The interior has a removable padded fabric lining that echoes the tesselating geometry of the cherry wood exterior.

Top image of the tessellating detail of the Dome-Home dog kennel
The exterior was crafted by Benchmark using cherry wood

Dome-Home was designed by Foster + Partners for the Barkitecture competition at Goodwoof –a two-day exhibition and dog event, where architects compete to be awarded the Single Kennel Design Award, which calls for contemporary and innovative kennels.

"We are delighted to be involved in this year’s Goodwoof," said Norman Foster. "The Dome-Home features a geodesic shell structure – it is like architecture in miniature."

Practices were tasked with delivering and constructing a design within a maximum budget of £250.

Interior image of the padded lining of the dog kennel
It was designed for a charity dog kennel competition

In total 16 kennels were shortlisted, including The Nook by Stanton Williams, Le Cork et Modular Dog by Lincoln Miles Architecture, Le Dogular, the Zero Waste Kennel by Hopkins and Dog Pod by Mark Gorton for Roger Stirk Harbour & Partners.

The shortlisted kennels will be auctioned by Bonhams with their proceeds donated to the Dog's Trust.

A dog is pictured sat outside of the dome shaped dog kennel
The kennels will be auctioned

Goodwoof takes place from Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May.

In 2019, Ford created a noise-cancelling kennel that shields dogs from the sound of fireworks while in Portugal, Raulino Silva Arquitecto designed a hotel for cats and dogs on the site of an old vineyard.

The photography is by Aaron Hargreaves.

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Dome-home is a geodesic dog kennel by Foster + Partners
Dome-home is a geodesic dog kennel by Foster + Partners