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White and rose gold Ell washbasin by Benedini Associati for Agape

Ell washbasin by Agape

Dezeen Showroom: Italian bathroom brand Agape has released a freestanding version of its Ell sink, distinguished by a flat basin that's entirely covered by a grille to hide its drainage.

Informed by the writings of late Italian designer Bruno Munari, the standalone Ell washbasin features a pared-back silhouette consisting of only two geometric elements.

This involves a simple steel column holding up a horizontal slab, which unites a basin with a gridded surface for holding soaps and other accessories.

Brass and green marble Ell washbasin by Benedini Associati for Agape
Agape has released a freestanding version of the Ell washbasin

"Inspired by Bruno Munari's notes on the design process in his famous 'Da cosa nasce cosa' or 'What comes from what', the starting point is the idea of simplification, which encourages us to solve problems by removing everything that does not contribute to the functionality of a piece," Agape explained.

"And what happens if a sink is placed far from the wall? In a simultaneously creative and rigorous sequence, the investigation proceeds by process of elimination and arrives at the pure essence of a washbasin – a horizontal line supported by a column."

Black-on-black Ell washbasin by Benedini Associati for Agape
The sink is covered by a gridded grille

Ell's basin and grille are available in a range of materials including white Carrara, Carnic grey or black Marquina marble, as well as white or black versions of the acrylic surfacing material Corian.

The sink's steel column can be powder coated in white or black to match.

Product: Ell freestanding washbasin
Designer: Benedini Associati
Contact: [email protected]

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