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OLO lamp on a wooden table against a wallpapered background

OLO Φ lamp by Hui-Lun Li for Seeddesign

Dezeen Showroom: created by lighting designer Hui-Lun Li for Seeddesign, OLO Φ is an adjustable LED table lamp with a minimalist geometric silhouette.

The lamp has an arched line frame with the lamp head in the centre. The head can be rotated 290 degrees to direct the light.

OLO table lamp in a dark painted bedroom placed on top a stack of books next to the bed
The OLO Φ lamp has a rotating lamp head

"OLO Φ infused the diameter symbol Φ into the basic elements of circle and line with the finely welded frame," said Seeddesign.

"Derived from geometric forms, OLO Φ represents a classic image of a lamp, yet the cutting-edge technology comes through from every detail of the light."

OLO table lamp by Seeddesign
The lamp has a simple geometric shape

The OLO Φ lamp has a circular base with a discreet button in the centre that turns the light on and off.

Product: OLO Φ
Designer: Hui-Lun Li
Brand: Seeddesign
Contact: [email protected]

Dezeen Showroom

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