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Geesa Opal towel rail used in a grey bathroom by a wooden table

Minimalist bathroom accessories from Geesa feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch brand Geesa has presented a selection of bathroom accessories from its Opal collection on Dezeen Showroom, including shelves, shower baskets, towel rails and towel rings.

Geesa combined elementary round and rectangular forms in the Opal collection, with the aim to go "back to basics".

Geesa Opal shower basket, glass shelf, metal shelf and towel ring
The Opal accessories collection includes shelves and towel rails

Designed to securely hold shower gels, shampoos and other bathroom products, the Opal shower basket includes a solid black metal tub and a circular floating detail designed to conceal the wall fixing beneath.

Intended to be a playful addition to the bathroom, the circular detail can be finished in brushed gold, chrome, brushed stainless steel, black or brushed metal to suit different interiors.

Geesa Opal towel ring in a white marble bathroom
The collection features floating circular wall mounts

The Opal towel ring is formed from two circles, designed to make a strong statement in any bathroom.

Similar to other products in the collection, the towel ring has a floating cover on the wall mount to give a luxurious look.

Geesa Opal glass shelf above a wooden floating shelf with a sink
Opal comes in a range of metal finishes

The 60-centimetre shelf in the Opal collection comprises a rectangular glass shelf balanced atop two metal bars that are connected to circular wall mounts.

"Thanks to its timeless look, Geesa Opal can be perfectly combined with other bathroom colours and styles," said Geesa.

Black towel rail by a walk-in shower
Geesa aimed for Opal to be a playful addition to bathroom interiors

The Opal towel rail is designed to be simplistic in form yet luxurious in appearance, with disc-like mounts that appear to float above the rod.

The towel rail comes in five finish options, including chrome, brushed stainless steel, black, brushed gold and brushed metal black.

Geesa Opal shower basket, glass shelf, metal shelf and towel ring
Geesa created Opal to combine functionality with a luxurious appearance

Also available in Opal's five metal finishes is the 18.5-centimetre bathroom shelf, which provides a place to store soaps, toothbrushes, or decorative items.

Characteristically of the Opal collection, the rectangular metal shelf has a circular floating detail that is intended by Geesa to be playful.

Geesa Opal shower basket, glass shelf, metal shelf and towel ring
Geesa creates bathroom collections that provide cohesive interiors

Geesa has been designing and producing accessories for over 135 years and aims to combine functionality with aesthetics.

The brand provides solutions to architects and designers to help create high-quality bathroom interiors.

For more information visit the brand's website.

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