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Aeeri table by Peter Kunz for Arper

Dezeen Showroom: Swiss architect Peter Kunz referenced origami when creating the sculptural steel Aeeri table for the Italian brand Arper.

Aeeri is characterised by its slender tabletop, crafted by Kunz from a folded sheet of one-millimetre-thick steel to create a light and minimalist form.

Arper's Aeeri table in red with oak legs
Arper has launched the minimal Aeeri table

"A folded paper plane or an origami figure are mysterious and incredible because their forms are both minimalist and yet highly functional," Kunz said in an interview with Arper.

"The concept for the table came from my fascination with this kind of structural dematerialisation."

Red steel table by Peter Kunz for Arper
It is designed by Swiss architect Peter Kunz

Aeeri tables are available in black, white, or red-painted steel and matching legs in two different heights. There is also the option for wooden legs in natural or black-painted European oak.

According to Arper, it is constructed of just five components to ensure easy shipping, assembly, disassembly and recyclability at the end of the product's life.

Black Aeeri table
Its slender tabletop is crafted from folded steel

"This minimal profile is quite different than the archetype of the traditional solid, weighty table, and it's surprising to discover exactly how thin it actually is," said Kunz in an interview with Arper.

"Though large, it's also absolutely stable. Thanks to its lightness, it's an object that can easily be moved around a room or to another setting, and assembled in few minutes without tools."

Product: Aeeri
Designer: Peter Kunz
Brand: Arper
Contact: [email protected]

The photography is by Salva Lopez, excluding the main image by AlgaStudio.

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White Aeeri table by Arper
Aeeri tables by Peter Kunz for Arper