ASUS has designed the ZenWiFi router to bring a calmness to home interiors

Promotion: technology brand ASUS has designed a tubular WiFi router as part of its Mesh WiFi System line that boasts a "zen" look, which is said to bring a sense of calmness to spaces.

Named ZenWiFi, the router was designed to blend into interiors without the need to be hidden and tucked into cupboards and corners like typical WiFi routers.

Image of two black ZenWiFi routers pictured on a round table
ZenWiFi is a contemporary WiFi router that can be incorporated within home interiors

The router has a minimal look, and unlike standard routers, its antennas were incorporated within the body of the router to conceal and create a more unassuming look.

"ZenWiFi mesh systems feature understated designs that meld effortlessly with a wide range of interior decor, whether contemporary, minimalist, or modern," said ASUS.

ZenWiFi is pictured on a media cabinet
It has a brushed metal finish

ZenWifi is wrapped in a brushed metal-like coating that is available in a black or white finish, in order to easily blend into any interior scheme and furnishings.

A circular brushed design adorns the top of the router, which the brand explained represents the "calm and peace of mind that you can enjoy in a well-designed space".

Vents were also added along the sides of the router allowing for the circulation of airflow to its interior and heatsinks – preventing overheating and providing reliable performance.

ASUS's ZenWiFi mesh system is a Tri-band router that provides homes with better performance. It also provides flexibility, as it is available in one or two packs both of which benefit different types and home sizes. It can also be used for a home office and studio.

It has a curved shape

A one pack router is typically suited for apartments and is best suited at the centre of the home. Bigger homes, including L-shaped properties and townhouses, will benefit from a two-pack router offering up to 529-square metres of coverage to optimise WiFi performance.

ZenWiFi mesh system provides homes with "lifetime network security" through ASUS's AiProtection, including parental control, protection against internet-based attacks, blocks against malicious websites as well as infected device detection and blocking. It is also designed to be easily set up and managed.

A project of a wi-fi system
The product was designed to bring calmness to interiors

More information on ASUS's ZenWiFi Router and Mesh Systems can be found on the technology brand's website.

The brand is also giving away three ZenWiFi Routers from 10 June to 3 July. Visit ASUS's website for more details.

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