Juno 02 chair by Studio Irvine for Arper

Dezeen Showroom: textured recycled plastic is used to create the minimalist Juno 02 chair, which design brand Studio Irvine has created for Italian brand Arper.

Juno 02 is an evolution of the open-back Juno chair, which Studio Irvine designed for Arper in 2012. The redesign was carried out "for a more sustainable future".

Plastic chairs by Studio Irvine for Arper
Arper has launched the Juno 02 chair by Studio Irvine

The updated chair is made from 70 per cent post-industrial recycled plastic, and its form has been refined to reduce the quantity of materials to produce it.

"The idea was not to develop a whole new product, but to improve on a design that’s already successful by using a new material that’s more sustainable," said Studio Irvine designer Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.

Rust-hued chairs by Studio Irvine
The chairs have a minimalist form made from recycled plastic

Juno 02 is available in six different colours and is intended for use in both residential and commercial spaces, as well as both indoor and outdoor settings.

According to Studio Irvine, the new colours are "designed to be integrated into softer environments" and include a rusty red, grey and sage green.

Product: Juno 02
Designer: Studio Irvine
Brand: Arper
Contact: [email protected]

The photography is by Salva Lopez.

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Juno 02 chairs by Studio Irvine for Arper
Juno 02 chairs by Studio Irvine for Arper