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A range of different coloured Plum chairs pictured on plinths

Plum chair by Gabbertas Studio for Allermuir

Dezeen Showroom: Gabbertas Studio has created a line of lounge chairs for furniture brand Allermuir, which are designed to blend seamlessly into commercial, hotel and home settings.

Plum is a lounge chair that boasts a simple form and is made up of a four-part upper and four rigid legs.

Image of Plum chairs in different colours in an interior setting
Plum is a lounge chair that was designed by Gabbertas Studio

Rounded pillow-like modules make up each of the chair's key elements, including its seat, arms and back.

The seat of the lounge chair engulfs the internal structure of the chair, concealing the typically distracting hardware and structural components of the chair.

Image of a yellow and pink Plum chair on top of a rug
The chair is comprised of pillow-like modules

Plum was specifically designed to boast a universal look so that it could be used within a number of different settings, including residential, commercial and hospitality interiors.

"The deliberately simple frame allows the overall form of Plum, the upholstered elements, to breathe," said Allermuir. "The pillow-like structures and upright invites you to unwind while still being perfect for working, reading or conversation"

Product: Plum
Brand: Allermuir
Contact: [email protected] 

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