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Arcadia system by Spacestor

Aeonica workspace partitioning system by Spacestor

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Spacestor has launched Aeonica, a divider system that offers designers a "toolkit for the new landscape for work".

Developed in consultation with design and architecture firm Gensler, the Aeonica system is a modular kit-of-parts for dividing up office spaces using soft, organic shapes based on classical architecture.

Arcadia system by Spacestor
Aeonica is a modular kit-of-parts for creating spaces within open offices

There are five basic building blocks that can be combined to conjure privacy nooks, meeting rooms and alcoves, or even fully enclosed spaces.

"With the launch of Arcadia, we enter a whole new category of furniture, dividing space in a highly artistic and flexible way, without built partitioning," said Spacestor UK managing director Nic Baxter.

Arcadia system by Spacestor
The system is based on five geometric building blocks

Aeonica pieces are joined together using a quick-release system, allowing them to be reused and reconfigured many times in a changing office environment, and they are versatile enough to serve as either a hero product or a quiet backdrop," according to the brand.

The pieces also boast sound-dampening qualities and are available in a range of six Kvadrat shades inspired by minerals.

Product: Aeonica
Brand: Spacestor
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