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Sisu wall light by Studio Rik ten Velden

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch design practice Studio Rik ten Velden has released the Sisu wall light, which provides ambient indirect lighting that highlights its sculptural form.

Sisu comes in three organic shapes, ranging from round to oblong, with a front cover that can be finished in rattan as well as colourful matt or mirrored acrylic.

Long Sisu lamp with rattan front on an orange wall in a hallway
Sisu creates an ambient light that highlights the silhouette of the lamp

To create the fluid shape of the lamps, Studio Rik ten Velden casts their frames in moulds using liquid resin.

These resin frames are embedded with LED lights, which emit a warm glowing light onto the wall and through the semi-translucent covers to emphasise the lamps' silhouette.

Sisu lamp with an orange-tinted mirror front
The lamp's front cover can be rendered in mirrored acrylic

"Indirect light creates a nice silhouette around the frame and lightens up the front surface," said designer Rik ten Velden, who founded Studio Rik ten Velden.

"Sisu is not only a lamp. It is a sculpture, a mirror, a light and a decoration that brings fluidity and elegance together."

Three different shapes of Sisu lamps with rattan fronts
Sisu is available in three organic shapes

Velden describes Sisu as a "light sculpture", which can act as a statement piece in any interior space.

Multiple Sisu lamps can also be combined together to create a playful lighting composition.

Product: Sisu wall light
Designer: Rik ten Velden
Brand: Studio Rik ten Velden
Contact: [email protected]

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