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Coralis table collection by Nadine Hajjar

Coralis table collection by Nadine Hajjar Studio

Dezeen Showroom: Montreal-based designer Nadine Hajjar has created a collection of side tables called Coralis, each informed by coral but given its own expressive character.

Hajjar's childhood in Beirut and connection to the Mediterranean informed the Coralis collection, which is subtitled Mémoires d'Outre-mer (Memories of Overseas).

Coralis table collection by Nadine Hajjar
The Coralis collection features six different side table designs

The six tables in the collection have bases inspired by the shape of coral and carved out of white ash wood. Hajjar describes their aesthetic as blurring the line between mineral and animal.

"The Coralis are curious beings – some more than others," she said. "They use their tentacles to peek through the thin metal sheet that symbolizes the sea line."

Coralis table collection by Nadine Hajjar
The tables' forms are inspired by coral and carved from white ash wood

"Rotate them between seasons and watch them interact with light as they reveal mystical silhouettes and spread playful shadows onto your space," she continued.

The Coralis collection's six tables range in design from the delicate-looking Amalgame to the more solid and relaxed Soupire.

The tables are currently on display at the Montauk Sofa showroom. The photography is by Richère Trudeau Photo.

Product: Coralis
Designer: Nadine Hajjar
Brand: Nadine Hajjar Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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