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Vent covers by Kul Grilles

Vent covers designed by Kul Grilles

Dezeen Showroom: North American brand Kul Grilles aims to redefine the vent cover with its premium aluminium designs, available in a range of finishes.

"Modern design and minimalism meet to redefine one of the most overlooked home accessories in the modern home," said Kul Grilles about its vent covers, which the brand makes for ceilings, walls and floors.

Vent covers by Kul Grilles
Kul Grilles' vent covers draw on modern design and minimalism

The residential vent covers are made of high-quality aluminium and available in a choice of six finishes: three durable powder-coated paint colours and three metal finishes, including brushed chrome and anodised light bronze.

On top of its standard range, Kul Grilles does custom orders and claims to be able to manufacture grilles of almost any size, including both long, linear shapes and square ones.

Vent covers by Kul Grilles
They come in a range of six finishes

Its largest custom order to date has been multi-section grille covering 35 feet (over 10 metres).

Kul Grilles manufactures in North America and works with companies throughout the US and Canada.

Product: Vent covers
Brand: Kul Grilles
Contact: [email protected]

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