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Zen Pod by Staffan Holm for Abstracta

Zen Pod office booth by Staffan Holm for Abstracta

Dezeen Showroom: designer Staffan Holm took inspiration from Japanese interiors to make Abstracta's Zen Pod office booth an appealing space to spend time in.

The Zen Pod is designed to provide an acoustic oasis for busy places such as offices, universities and hospitals, so that people can hold small meetings, take video calls or conduct focused work.

Zen Pod by Staffan Holm for Abstracta
The Zen Pod is meant to have a welcoming design that blends into interiors

Unlike other booths in its product category, however, it prioritises aesthetics with an elegant, Japanese-inspired look that Abstracta calls "sparse and harmonious", and aims not to completely block out the world beyond.

"Completely silent rooms can be quite uncomfortable," said Holm. "Zen Pod allows you to sense the surrounding environment without being disturbed by it. The room is quiet; not isolating."

Zen Pod by Staffan Holm for Abstracta
A slatted oak panel is an optional accessory

The Zen Pod is made of tactile materials such as wood, wool, glass and metal, and can be accessorised with a slatted oak panel that fits over the glass outer walls to improve privacy and further enhance the aesthetic.

Easy to assemble, the Zen Pod comes in two styles – Essential (black) and Advanced (beige) – and three sizes, and there is a choice of furniture packages to tailor the booth for meetings or focused work.

Product: Zen Pod
Designer: Staffan Holm
Brand: Abstracta
Contact: [email protected]

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