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Artematica Soft Outline kitchen by Valcucine

Artematica Soft Outline kitchen island by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine

Dezeen Showroom: Artematica Soft Outline is a kitchen island embellished with rounded metal edges, created by designer and founder of Italian kitchen brand Valcucine, Gabriele Centazzo.

The metal outline – which is available in black, copper and bronze – has a curved profile that Valcucine designed to unite the kitchen arrangement.

Artematica Soft Outline kitchen by Valcucine
The kitchen island is complimented with a bamboo counter

"The delicate, curvy line that runs along the edges defines its volume," said Valcucine.

"As well as highlighting the seamlessness of its surfaces, this line complements the image of the kitchen with refined elegance."

The kitchen unit is combined with the brand's Insula bamboo counter, which features a tapered profile and rounded corners to compliment the shape of Artematica Soft Outline.

Artematica Soft Outline kitchen by Valcucine
Curved metal edges outline the island

"The 30-degree chamfer on the perimeter of the table means the edge is perceived as if it was six milimetres thick," said Valcucine.

"Thanks to the special bracket system, a detachment is created between the counter itself and the volume of the base units, giving an additional feeling of lightness."

Artematica Soft Outline is available in a range of finishes, including glossy or matte glass, ceramic, marble and Carbontec sintered stone.

Product: Artematica Soft Outline
Designer: Gabriele Centazzo
Brand: Valcucine
Contact: [email protected]

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