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A photograph of Kohler's white toilet

Kohler's "intelligent toilets" are equipped with advanced technological features

Promotion: global bathroom brand Kohler's "intelligent toilet designs" are designed to combine sleek design with advanced technological features.

Kohler has launched Numi 2.0, Eir, Innate and Veil intelligent toilets, each of which includes advanced technological features – from heated seats to built-in nightlights.

A photograph of Kohler's white toilet
Numi 2.0 comes with built-in surround sound speakers, ambient mood lighting and a heated seat

The brand's Numi 2.0 toilet offers a modern, angular design, and is part of Kohler's smart home collection, which includes multiple connectivity functions. The toilet is built with water efficiency in mind and offers cleansing and drying functions, as well as a heated seat.

Numi 2.0 also features high-quality speakers, which can be paired with a user's devices, as well as a lighting system that can react to music.

The toilet also includes Amazon's Alexa home assistant built-in, offering voice control functionality. The toilet's technological features can also be personalised by using the Kohler Konnect iOS and Android app.

A photograph of Kohler's white toilet lit up at night
Kohler's Eir intelligent toilet aims to "exemplifies the art of innovation"

The brand's Eir toilet has a sloping design and can be installed with a decorative metal ring. The design's power cords and water supply are hidden discreetly and the toilet comes with a heated seat that opens and closes hands-free.

It also includes personal cleansing and multiple bowl cleaning options. The toilet's features are controlled by a touchscreen remote.

A close-up photograph of Kohler's white toilet
Innate is designed with discrete functional buttons on its side

Kohler's Innate toilet includes adjustable bidet options, including water pressure and temperature control, and the toilet is designed to clean itself using UV light. It can also be controlled using a handheld remote and includes an automatic lid, automatic deodorisation and an automatic flush. The toilet also features a built-in nightlight, a warm air dryer and an emergency back-up flush.

The Veil toilet features a contemporary, unobtrusive ovoid design, incorporating Kohler's ergonomic French Curve toilet seat. Veil also includes a hands-free automatic seat and touchscreen remote and includes a multi-functional bidet with self-cleaning features.

Kohler's Veil has a minimalist style
Kohler's Veil has a minimalist style that features heated seats to built-in nightlights

The remote can adjust bidet comfort features, a heated seat, dryer, deodoriser, nightlight and flush control. Veil's dual jet flush system will save 6,000 gallons of water annually when compared to a standard 1.6-gallon toilet, according to Kohler.

"Kohler has been a leader in the development of bidets, intelligent toilets and cleansing seats for decades in the global marketplace," said Kohler Group President Larry Yuen.

"Utilizing our design and engineering talents from across the world, we are able to incorporate more meaningful and thoughtful functionality into our product line up and offer a more robust collection."

Founded in Wisconsin and now seeing over 50 manufacturing locations, Kohler specialises in bathroom and kitchen products.

The company also creates furniture, tiles, engines, and generators, and also operates luxury resorts and golf courses as part of its Destination Kohler brand.

Learn more about Kohler's intelligent toilets collection on the brand's website and designers can explore Kohler's products at a Kohler Experience Centre.

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