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Antony Gormley "erect phallus" sculpture at Imperial College London

Dezeen Debate newsletter features Antony Gormley's "erect phallus" sculpture

The latest edition of Dezeen Debate features an Antony Gormley sculpture with an "erect phallus", which has caused outrage among students at a London university. Subscribe to Dezeen Debate now.

Students have moved to block plans by Imperial College London to install an Antony Gormley sculpture on campus because they claim the artwork looks like a man with an erect penis.

Gormley maintains the sculpture is of a person "balancing on the balls of the feet while squatting on its haunches".

Commenters have been debating whether they "see a penis or legs", but seem to agree that "no one should really be so offended".

One commenter said: "Art criticism often tells us more about the critic than the art."

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