Focus fireplace in an open living room with red sofas

Ergofocus Holographik fireplace by Focus

Dezeen Showroom: French fireplace brand Focus has extended its collection of Ergofocus fireplaces to include a design that produces holographic flames.

Named Ergofocus Holographik, the fireplace features ceramic logs that appear to create a "virtual fire", which is powered by electricity.

"The first in a new range, this model breaks new ground with an astoundingly realistic holographic fire that marries sensory pleasure, technological innovation and the timeless style of Focus fireplaces," said the brand.

Freestanding fireplace by Focus with holographic fire in a cream living room
The fireplace creates holographic flames

Created to provide the visual appeal of a fireplace without safety concerns, Ergofocus Holographik's hearth rotates 80 degrees so it can be viewed at multiple angles.

The flue can be adjusted to any ceiling height and is purely decorative, meaning there are no installation constraints.

"It is the perfect fireplace for spaces that welcome the public and have strict safety standards such as hotels, restaurants and boutiques," said Focus.

Focus fireplace in the corner of a white living room with a grey sofa and opening to terrace area
Ergofocus Holographik has a rotating hearth

Focus describes it as "a fire uniquely adapted to today's world and living spaces".

"Whether in a private home or a luxury hotel, this pioneering, fuelless fireplace can be installed anywhere and is operated with a simple touch of a button."

Product: Ergofocus Holographik
Brand: Focus
Contact: [email protected]

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