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HP's DesignJet plotters are "designed with both quality and sustainability in mind"

Promotion: technology brand HP has launched a series of large-format plotters that are energy-efficient and aimed at architects who use printers during their design process.

HP's latest ranges, such as DesignJet, are engineered to have a low-environmental impact while maintaining the "outstanding printout quality" of HP products.

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HP's large-format plotters are aimed at architects

The brand's large-format DesignJet plotters are specialised printers that generate documents up to A1 in size, without losing out on ink quality or causing additional costs.

According to large-format printing channel manager Colin Easton, they are ideally suited to professionals working in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) who require technical printouts and want to reduce the environmental impact of their creative process.

DesignJet plotter by HP
The DesignJet series is engineered to be highly energy efficient

"For AECs, sustainable design practices start from within the office and opting for a plotter which has the least environmental impact but still delivers outstanding printout quality," HP's Easton said.

"It's even more crucial for AEC firms which rely on precise and accurate technical printouts of their designs," he continued.

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The printers are constructed partly from recyclable elements

HP's large-format DesignJet plotter series has been developed by the brand in collaboration with AEC professionals looking to become more sustainable.

While being energy efficient, the brand claims the plotters also embody principles of the circular economy.

For example, DesignJet printers are constructed partly from recyclable elements as well as recycled plastic. The plotters also rely on carton-based ink cartridges, rather than plastic-based alternatives, for ease of recyclability.

According to Easton, the brand hopes that its "plotters could be considered an essential tool for AEC professionals that enable them to bring sustainability into every day of their work".

DesignJet plotter by HP in an office
They are also built with recycled plastic

"As the world's desire for sustainability grows to help combat climate change, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals are proactively looking to explore ways to embed sustainable and regenerative practices into their designs, processes, and services," he concluded.

"HP is committed to providing the tools AEC professionals need to focus on what's important – their vision, their customers, and the quality of their work – while also giving them peace of mind that they're reducing their environmental impact whilst printing, helping to build a greener, healthier, more equitable future."

To find out more information about HP's DesignJet printer range and compare each model side by side, visit the brand's website.

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