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Three white-painted doors in a living-hall space with seating and floor lamp

Altaj door by SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli for Lualdi

Dezeen Showroom: created by Italian design studio SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli for Lualdi, Altaj is a lightweight interior door that can be covered with wood or leather.

The door panel protrudes from a decorative bronze aluminium outline that sits flush with the wall, creating subtle depth and shadow.

Wooden door with bronze outline in a pink-painted room
Altaj's bronze aluminium door frame sits flush with the wall

According to Lualdi, the Altaj pivot door "is conceived to go way beyond the minimalism of flush to the wall doors".

"The model does not disappear into the wall but is instead enhanced by the metal profile that frames the door and projects it forward," the brand continued.

Close-up of the Altaj door with bronze outline and wooden panel carved in a grid pattern
The door can be covered in a range of materials, including wood with carved patterns

The Altaj door can be finished in various materials, including oak and Canaletto walnut veneer, matte or glossy lacquer painted wood, back-painted glass and woven leather.

Lualdi's two-toned Chocolat texture finish offers carved wooden patterns in the door frame.

Product: Altaj
Designer: SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli
Brand: Lualdi
Contact: [email protected]

Dezeen Showroom

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Altaj door by Lualdi