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Photograph showing bed in concrete-walled bedroom with charcoal-coloured bedding

009 Heritage Sheets by Ria Dunn for Totum Project

Dezeen Showroom: designer Ria Dunn drew references from historic Italian linens for her bedding collection for Totum Project.

009 Heritage Sheets includes pillow cases, duvet covers and flat sheets that have linen on one side and cotton satin on the reverse, which intend to combine the "timelessness of antique cloth" with the practicality of modern bedding.

Photograph showing bed in concrete-walled bedroom with beige-coloured bedding
Ria Dunn's bedding collection is informed by historic Italian linens

According to the brand, its fabrics are made using sustainable materials and processes and are designed to last a lifetime.

"These bed sheets are designed to get better as they age; the more you wash them, the softer they get," said the brand.

Photograph showing charcoal-coloured bedding
The material is made from linen on one side and cotton satin on the reverse

Fabric is garment dyed stone washed, giving them a unique, uneven faded finish.

The sheets are available in sandstone, washed black, white and dye-less colours in standard European queen and king sizes. Bespoke sizing may be accommodated on request.

Product: 009 Heritage Sheets
Designer: Ria Dunn
Brand: Totum Project
Contact: [email protected]

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