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Sculptural Earth Tone tiles by Cavaril on wall panels in a display with sand floor

Earth Tone tile collection by Cavaril

Dezeen Showroom: Hungarian tiling brand Cavaril has released its range of textured concrete tiles with sculptural surfaces in a new earthy colour palette.

Named Earth Tone, the collection includes warm, sand-toned colours such as terracotta, pale ochre and warm gold.

Made from concrete, Cavaril's tiles are available in a range of sculpted surfaces, including vertical fluting, rounded grooves and faceted geometric shapes.

Triangle, rectangle, hexagon and geometric Cavaril tiles in sandy and clay-toned colours placed on yellow steps
The Earth Tone colour collection is available across Cavaril's range of sculptural concrete tiles

Cavaril describes the tiles as having "a perfectly smooth and consistent surface, which elevates concrete to the level of the richest materials".

"Our designers make sure that each tile design becomes a sculptural art piece of their own."

Terracotta fluted Earth Tone tiles used on a wall with natural light falling on it
The collection includes neutral warm-toned colours, including terracotta

"The different surfaces help create a constant interaction between the tiles and the space around them, capturing the effect of shadow and light changing throughout the day and signalling the passing of time," Cavaril continued.

The five new Earth Tone colours join nine existing complementary colours available from Cavaril, which the brand designed to be combined to create harmonious interiors.

Product: Earth Tone collection
Brand: Cavaril
Contact: [email protected]

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Earth Tone tile collection by Cavaril