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Different coloured Fromme chairs by Petite Friture

Fromme chair by Tom Chung for Petite Friture

Dezeen Showroom: industrial designer Tom Chung has created a stackable chair named Fromme for French design brand Petite Friture, which can be used inside and outside.

The chair is made from aluminium and is described by Petite Friture as being defined by "its pure lines and compact design".

Two black Fromme chairs by Petite Friture stacked
The aluminium chair is designed to be comfortable and stackable

Chung was informed by his bike trips up Mount Fromme in Canada when designing the chair, which is where it gets its namesake.

"Fascinated by the technical performance of his bike, he worked on how the efficiency he enjoyed during sports time could be applied in reinventing the most common object to work on, and yet the greatest challenge for a designer – a chair," said Petite Friture.

Orange Fromme chair by Petite Friture with the collection of stools and dining table
The chair forms part of Petite Friture's Fromme furniture collection

The stackable chair is available in five colours, including black, blue, coral, brown-red and mint green.

Petite Friture has released an upholstered iteration of the chair named Fromme Soft and has expanded the Fromme collection of furniture to include a stool, bar chair, lounge chair and two dining tables.

Product: Fromme
Designer: Tom Chung
Brand: Petite Friture
Contact: [email protected]

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