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Photograph showing textured-covered door in textured wall

Rasomuro 55s door by Lualdi

Dezeen Showroom: part of Italian brand Lualdi's Rasomuro collection, the Rasomuro 55s door has invisible hardware that allows it to "assimilate with the wall".

Rasomuro 55s features concealed hinges and an invisible aluminium door jamb that creates the effect of being fully camouflaged within a wall.

Photograph showing door closure detail
An invisible door jamb seamlessly blends the door with the wall

The brand's doors are of substantial thickness and sit flush with the wall, creating a smooth effect across the wall's surface, especially when the wall and door are finished in the same materials.

"Rasomuro 55s is an architectural element that moves from one space to the next thanks to an elusive, exclusive and almost immaterial design," said the brand.

Photograph showing door hinge detail
Hinges are tucked away to streamline the door's appearance

Door panels are available in a range of materials including wood, glass and coloured finishes.

For door hardware, a selection of handles can be chosen from.

Product: Rasomuro 55s
Brand: Lualdi
Contact: [email protected]

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