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Visualisation showing urban environment at night with lights

Hong Kong Design Institute presents ten student design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a cowboy-informed clothing campaign and a pram for visually impaired parents feature in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Hong Kong Design Institute.

Also included is a seesaw designed to be used in domestic interiors and an animated story set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Hong Kong Design Institute

Institution: Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Courses: HD in Fashion Media Design, HD in Fashion Design, HD in Illustration, HD in Animation and Visual Effects, HD in Film, Television and Photography, HD in Product Design and HD in Furniture and Lifestyle Product Design
Tutors: Parke Stephen, Portia To, Travis Li, Ken Wong, Viola Shum, Sam Wong, Kelvin Kam, CK Fung and Damon Yau

School statement:

"Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) was established in 2007 with the mission of becoming a leading provider of design education and lifelong learning across various design disciplines including architecture, interior and product design, communication design, digital media and fashion and image design.

"With 'creativity in action' as the cornerstone of its pedagogy, HKDI maintains a strong network with the creative industries.

"This provides students with both essential practical experience and international design academia to offer extended learning opportunities for students through international exchanges, joint workshops and lectures.

"Each year, HKDI nurtures the largest number of professional designers in Hong Kong with critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, social responsibility and international perspective."

Photograph of cowboy in desert setting

Westland Survival by Shantidevi Fung, Ching Chung, Sin Hei Tai and Chun Kit Wong

"This project's concept shows the mixing and matching of clothing combinations informed by the cowboy aesthetic.

"The warm and earth tones aim to create the feeling of the desert."

Students: Shantidevi Fung, Ching Chung, Sin Hei Tai and Chun Kit Wong
Course: HD in Fashion Media Design
Tutor: Parke Stephen
Email: shantidevifung10[at]

Photograph showing two models in plaid and leather clothing on dark backdrop

Unrestrained by Cowen Yeung

"The theme of being unrestrained comes from the 1970s during economic instability in Britain. Originally, the rebellious voices of unemployed youths were expressed in music.

"A band called The Sex Pistols conveyed their negative outlook on the future through songs on stage.

"Since then, the popularity of underground music has begun to rise and young people express their thoughts in the spirit of punk to vent their dissatisfaction with the government and society.

"Punk spirit has a primitive meaning: be yourself and bravely practice your own ideas in the moment."

Student: Cowen Yeung
Course: HD in Fashion Design
Tutor: Travis Li
Email: yyfish0312[at]

Photograph showing figures walking past a tall wall

LIFE by Ka Ngai Hung

"This project is based on the appearance of an old TV.

"Using television's characteristics – making a lot of noise fused with the use of real scenes – the project is reminiscent of old TV series that is constantly broadcasting, with the same content playing every day.

"It is a metaphor for people doing the same work day after day. The noise behind it represents people's daily annoyances and external noise."

Student: Ka Ngai Hung
Course: HD in Film, Television and Photography
Tutor: Sam Wong
Email: jasonhungkn[at]

Visualisations of black and beige baby pram

Embrace by John Ho

"This baby stroller has a strategically repositioned baby seat that makes navigation and mobility easier for visually impaired parents.

"For many parents with low or impaired vision that can only see distances of less than three metres, existing baby strollers limit their ability to navigate safely when they are with their child.

"Embrace repositions the baby seat closer to the user to give them a clear view of the environment ahead.

"In addition, a wider wheel base and a slightly raised baby seat allow the user to step closer and easily reach their child.

"To enhance security, a built-in reverse brake helps to stop the stroller in an emergency."

Student: John Ho
Course: HD in Product Design
Tutor: Kelvin Kam
Email: hkjohnho288[at]

Photograph showing piece of furniture with seat and geometric shapes for legs

Play: Seesaw by Cheung Ling Lau

"This project is about bringing the playground home, so family and friends can connect with fun furniture.

"The seesaw board is designed to relate to people's childhood memories."

Student: Cheung Ling Lau
Course: HD in Furniture and Lifestyle Product Design
Tutor: Damon Yau
Email: cheungling921[at]

Photograph showing bedside table with robot and lamp

Cuddle by Yat Mei Leung

"Cuddle is a communication device that bonds you to your family and accompanies you as a long-term friend.

"It imitates the facial expression of your choice, as well as recording and projecting memories of your family members.

"This project aims to rebind family relationships and reduce loneliness."

Student: Yat Mei Leung
Course: HD in Product Design
Tutor: CK Fung
Email: bearmei2002[at]

Photograph showing two models in dark clothing on dark backdrop

Slave Liberation by Theo Chan

"Liberation means freeing from bondage and slavery – in this context, this is an analogy to represent people in today's world.

"The theme illustrates that everyone pursues freedom under capitalism whilst becoming a modern slave, sacrificing themselves to pursue money to make a living.

"The concepts of luxury and poverty were integrated into this collection with the aim of achieving a fusion of the two."

Student: Theo Chan
Course: HD in Fashion Design
Tutor: Portia To
Email: theochankh[at]

Illustration showing alleyway scene from cartoon

Lupophobia by Yee Ching Cheung

"Lupophobia is an animated story set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has polluted the air, turning people into human-killing monsters that look like wolves.

"A loner and a lost child meet in an abandoned city. Even though monsters are lurking in the shadows, they are trying to survive.

"This is the story of a man, a child, and a monster."

Student: Yee Ching Cheung
Course: HD in Animation and Visual Effects
Tutor: Viola Shum
Email: bubblescheung[at]

Illustration showing anime-style creatures at a dinner table

H2O Nursery by Sarina Kong

"This illustration project aims to promote the idea of environmental protection and sustainability in the city through an alternative choice of planting."

Student: Sarina Kong
Course: HD in Illustration
Tutor: Ken Wong
Email: catnapsarina[at]

Visualisation showing urban environment at night with lights

Time Tunnel by Chun Wai Cheung

"In this project, a man from the future wearing a mask comes to Hong Kong through a time tunnel.

"He aims to examine the differences between the future and the current era."

Student: Chun Wai Cheung
Course: HD in Film, Television and Photography
Tutor: Sam Wong

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Hong Kong Design Institute. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.