Photograph of grey, green and pink pendant lamps

Sarn lamps by Thinkk Studio for Thingg Store

Dezeen Showroom: Thai furniture and accessories brand Thingg Store has collaborated with Thinkk Studio to create a pendant lamp with a shade made from woven palm leaves.

Thingg Store named the collection Sarn from the Thai word for weaving as a reference to the pieces being woven using the leaves of the Lecomte palm, which is native to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Photograph of grey, green and pink pendant lamps
Both conical and bell-shaped shades are available in a range of sizes

Lamps are handmade by artisans in Thailand with a double weaving pattern that results in a difference in shade between the inner and outer surfaces of the lamp shade.

The shades come in two shapes – a conical form and a bell-shaped form – that are each available in four sizes.

Photograph of grey, green and pink pendant lamps
The shade's colour is more saturated on the inside than the outside due to the weaving technique

Colours include black, brown, yellow and red and all contain a steel cage inside to keep the shade from making contact with the bulb.

Product: Sarn lamps
Designer: Thinkk Studio
Brand: Thingg Store
Contact: [email protected]

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