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BS47x combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau

Combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau

Dezeen Showroom: self-cleaning, accurate temperature controls and chef assistance are part of the package with the combi-steam oven, from the 400 series by kitchen brand Gaggenau.

As a combi-steam oven, it circulates steam rather than hot air, which is said to keep more nutrients and colour in food than conventional ovens while also cutting down on cooking time.

BS47x combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau
The oven is the latest update to Gaggenau's combi-steam oven for private kitchens

Gaggenau first brought the steam oven into the private kitchen more than 20 years ago, and the 400 series model is the latest update, offering five humidity levels and exact electronic temperature control between 30 and 230 degrees Celsius.

Among its advanced features is a three-point core temperature probe, which revises the cooking times as the dish progresses, and automatic programmes that offer personalised assistance.

BS47x combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau
The oven has a touch display and rotary kobs

The three-level, 50-litre-capacity oven has a hygienic stainless steel cooking interior and also comes with a built-in automated cleaning system.

The combi-steam oven is available with either right- or left-hinged doors, and with its touch display and rotary knob controls on either the top or bottom.

Product: combi-steam oven 400 series
Brand: Gaggenau
Contact: [email protected]

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