Photograph showing cool-toned living room with multiple rugs

Sistine rug collection by Armadillo

Dezeen Showroom: Australian rug brand Armadillo has designed a trio of hand-knotted rugs that aim to explore "the tension between the softness and strength".
Armadillo's Sistine collection consists of three rugs, which are hand-made from a blend of silk and virgin wool.

The rugs come in three neutral colours named Manuka, Peregrine and Semolina, which all share a dense, dappled texture.

Photograph showing cool-toned living room with grey rug
Sistine rugs are made from wool and silk

Manuka is named after the rich, saturated tones of honey, with Semolina presenting a more toned-down golden hue.

In contrast, cool-toned Peregrine boasts blue, silver and white shades, with a mottled finish owing to the rug's artisanal craftsmanship.

Photograph showing cool-toned living room with neutral-coloured rug
Rugs come in cool and warm tones

Each of the colour options is available in three rectangular or square size formats: 2.4 by 3 metres, 2.7 by 3.7 metres and 3 by 4.3 metres.

Product: Sistine collection
Brand: Armadillo
Contact: [email protected]

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