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Frederik Gustav creates light installation from paper and thread

Copenhagen-based design studio Frederik Gustav has created a system of light-diffusing paper screens held together by fine threads, which is highlighted as part of our Dezeen x The Mindcraft project 2022 collaboration.

Titled Paperwork, the light installation is one of 10 Danish designs presented in The Mindcraft Project exhibition.

Two paper light installations by Frederik Gustav
The installation is made from paper, thread, steel weights and a light source

To create Paperwork, a series of threads were suspended and weighted down by small steel weights, which twist together to create tension.

The tension between threads was used to hold translucent paper sheets around an artificial light source without damage to the delicate sheets.

Close up of illuminated paper as part of the Paperwork installation
Frederik Gustav chose cardboard paper for the translucent sheets for its copper hue

"The humble nature of the exposed system brings with it a sense of value to the everyday piece of paper, exploiting its level of opacity and textural beauty once illuminated," said Frederik Gustav.

The design duo describes how they observed that weighted thread naturally intertwines together, "providing two parallel lines with the clamping ability to fasten relatively light objects, such as paper".

Two paper light installations by Frederik Gustav
Paperwork can be scaled to different sizes and arrangements

According to the designers, Paperwork showcases the beauty of simple, everyday and accessible materials.

The light-diffusing sheets are made from cardboard paper, chosen for its copper-like hue when illuminated, and treated with beeswax to make it more transluscent.

One paper sheet illuminated as part of the Paperwork installation
The paper sheets are treated with beeswax

The design of Paperwork can be scaled and modified into different arrangements. While developing the installation, Frederik Gustav relocated from its small studio space to an open production hall, which influenced the architectural nature of the lighting design.

"We started the project in our small studio space that kind of influenced the scale of our work, but at some point, we began lacking ceiling space and then we gradually moved out into the big production hall," said the design duo.

Paperwork installation model illuminated by Frederik Gustav
The installation aims to combine architectural, lighting and object design

"Quite quickly the 1,000-square-metre space started mirroring in our work and the project moved in a more architectural direction," Frederik Gustav continued.

"The fact that the final installation sits within these two extremes of scale highlights the ability of Paperwork to be utilised as a method of constructing spatial installations that can be continuously reshaped, modified and scaled."

The photography is by Anders Sune Berg and the video is by Benjamin Lund.

Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2022

Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2022 is a partnership between Dezeen and Copenhagen Design Agency. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.

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