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Main Line Twist textile by Camira

Main Line Twist textile by Camira

Dezeen Showroom: British textile brand Camira has launched the Main Line Twist fabric, "a new take on tweed" made with a combination of wool and flax.

Created using an inventive twisted yarn, the Main Line Twist textile comes in a range of 15 colours and is designed to complement the brand's Main Line Flax range.

Main Line Twist textile by Camira
Main Line Twist is a new take on tweed created with wool and flax

Its woven construction creates a pattern that Camira describes as giving a "homespun finish" and balancing the more uniform look of the Main Line Flax range, which has also been expanded to include 24 more colours.

"Sustainable by design, these two fabrics are woven from the best nature has to offer," said Camira's head of creative Lynn Kingdon.

"In recognition of their impeccable environmental credentials, they are both certified with the EU Ecolabel and bring natural warmth and tactility to interior spaces."

Main Line Twist textile by Camira
It is designed to complement the more uniform aesthetic of the Main Line Flax range

Flax is generally considered more sustainable than other fibre crops because it is fast-growing, needs no irrigation or pesticides, and is used in its entirety leaving no waste.

The Main Line Twist and Flax fabrics are suitable for both commercial and residential interiors, on applications such as seating, panels and curtains.

Product: Main Line Twist
Brand: Camira
Contact: [email protected]

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