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Config 01 Desk Set by Nooe on a black desk in a home office

Config 01 Desk Set by NOOE

Dezeen Showroom: Scandinavian design brand NOOE has created a set of organisational desk accessories, which intends to encourage productive work habits.

The Config 01 Desk Set includes a laptop stand, mobile phone stand, desk rug, desk tray and cable organiser.

Config 01 desk tray holding personal items
The exhibit Desk Organiser tray holds miscellaneous items to reduce clutter on the desk

"We want to empower people to build spaces where their best work can happen – an inspiring space in a house or office for work that is comfortable, productive and well thought-through," said NOOE.

The Config 01 Anywhere Laptop Stand is designed to elevate and angle the user's laptop to a comfortable ergonomic position, and the Hands-On Mobile Stand props mobile phones at an angle ideal for video calls.

Config 01 laptop stand by Nooe
The ergonomic laptop stand is made from wood and aluminium

Also included in the set are the Exhibit Desk Organiser tray and Wire Governor cable organiser, which NOOE designed to create a "piece of beauty" from what would otherwise be considered clutter on the desk space.

The organisational products in the Config 01 Desk Set are made from natural American walnut and aluminium, and the desk rug is made from suede.

Product: Config 01 Desk Set
Brand: NOOE
Contact: [email protected]

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