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An office chair is pictured beside the Dizzone workstation

Dizzone workstation by Dizz Concept

Dezeen Showroom: Croatian furniture manufacturer Dizz Concept has launched Dizzone, a multifunctional work pod and storage unit designed to conceal cluttering IT equipment.

Dizzone is a compact workstation for working or gaming from home, which from the outside resembles a large cabinet.

Image of Dizzone used for gaming
Dizzone is a multifunctional work pod and storage unit

But on the inside, Dizzone says the "ultra-modern sleek space" provides enough room to accommodate a computer and several monitors, a desk and integrated shelving alongside an office or gaming chair.

The unit is lightweight and easy to move and relocate, according to Dizz Concept, and features a layered design whereby storage solutions are fixed to the doors.

Image of Dizzone closed
Doors conceal its interior

"Dizzone is a stylishly designed, multifunctional unit that takes only a few seconds to convert from a workstation to a gaming station or a learning zone," said Dizz Concept.

"Dizzone was carefully designed to give you a small yet comfortable and ultra-modern sleek space to store all of your IT equipment needed to complete the workday, including the computer or laptop desk and the ergonomic office chair."

Product: Dizzone
Brand: Dizz Concept
Contact: [email protected]

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