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Jetson office pod by Mute Design

Jetson office pod by Mute

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Mute aimed to make the office pod more flexible and obtainable with Jetson, which it describes as "the first truly DIY acoustic pod".

Made of durable and light aluminium, the Jetson pod can be assembled without tools in a process that Mute says averages two people 30 to 60 minutes.

Jetson office pod by Mute Design
The Jetson office pod has an easy-to-assemble aluminium structure

"Our goal was to create a new office essential," said Mute founder and managing director Szymon Rychlik. "That's why it's the most accessible pod on the market, in every sense of the word: from attractive price, fast delivery, to a revolutionary, do-it-yourself assembly system and long-term warranty."

Another key feature of the design is its movable add-on accessories in the form of bookshelves or magnetic whiteboards.

Jetson office pod by Mute Design
Its add-on accessories can be attached to both the inner and outer walls

These can be placed on any of Jetson's walls, whether inside or out, at any height, to add personality to the pods.

Available in black or white, Jetson comes in a choice of two sizes to support various office needs such as focused work, video calls, meetings and moments of privacy.

Product: Jetson
Brand: Mute
Contact: [email protected]

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