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Hush screen by 3form

Hush screen by 3form

Dezeen Showroom: architectural material manufacturer 3form has created Hush, an acoustic space-dividing screen with cut-out patterns informed by nature and architecture.

Designed to be suited to office environments, the Hush screen is made of 3form's Sola Felt – a sound-absorbing material made from 50 per cent post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

Hush screen by 3form in Breeze Blocks pattern
The Hush screen range includes patterns inspired by breeze blocks

The product is distinguished by its three ranges of cleverly simplified patterns: one with shapes informed by breeze blocks giving a mid-century flair, another with grid-like patterning drawn from perforated steel in architecture, and a final design with natural imagery such as Reeds and Sprig.

The patterns are cut out of the fabric to allow light to pass through and a connection to the neighbouring spaces to be maintained.

Hush screen by 3form in Perforated Steel pattern
Other patterns are drawn from perforated steel

There are 23 patterns to choose from in 21 colours, and there are both large and small sizes of panels, which can be linked together.

The Hush screens are designed to be suspended from the ceiling, and can either be mounted on the ceiling alone or fixed to both the ceiling and floor.

Product: Hush
Brand: 3form
Contact: [email protected]

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