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FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line

Tom Dixon gives inflated feel to FAT door accessories for D Line

Dezeen Showroom: British designer Tom Dixon has developed a collection of door accessories with plump forms and metallic finishes, for Danish manufacturer D Line.

The FAT collection includes both pull and lever handles, a door knocker, key escutcheons, a thumb turn and a doorstop.

FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line
FAT is a collection of door accessories

The designs are characterised by soft rounded forms that give them an inflated feel.

This effect is enhanced by polished metallic finishes that include polished brass and electric blue, as well as satin stainless steel and PVD black.

FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line
The range includes a doorstop

FAT is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2022 in the homeware design category.

The project marks Tom Dixon's first foray into the world of architectural ironmongery. However the "fat profile" is a recurring theme in the designer's work.

Other examples include the Liquid bathroom range for VitrA and the Bump glassware.

FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line
Pull and lever handles come in various sizes

Dixon said his interest in soft shapes developed after having children and is possibly a reaction against seeing them running around the house and bumping into things.

"A handle is something that sticks out," he said.

"Everyone has banged themselves against a door handle and hurt themselves, so I like the idea that you can do something that is super friendly."

FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line
Key escutcheons and a thumb turn also feature

The FAT range is manufactured from robust AISI 316 stainless steel. Despite the soft shapes, the designs are intended to be highly functional and not just a style statement.

"I think FAT could go in any type of high-traffic building, from nursery schools to hospitals to fashionable nightclubs," said Dixon.

"The thing is, by having very rounded ends and very grippable handles, they work in a multitude of applications."

FAT by Tom Dixon for D Line
Each element is available in four colours

The project is also D Line's first collaboration with a designer from outside of Denmark. Its range also includes collections by Arne Jacobsen, Knud Holscher and Bjarke Ingels.

Product: FAT
Designer: Tom Dixon
Brand: D Line
Contact address: [email protected]

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