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Top view of the Elsie chair with rounded armrests

Elsie chair collection by Appareil Atelier

Dezeen Showroom: Canadian architecture and furniture design studio Appareil Atelier collaborated with non-profit corporation Les Jardins de Metis to create a chair collection characterised by rounded wooden features.

The Elsie chair has an oversized semicircular seat that is framed by tubular pieces of wood. It has two slanted back legs that extend to form the backrest.

Elsie wooden chair without armrests in a wood panelled room
The chair comes in two iterations

The chair is available in versions with or without armrests and made from red oak sourced from the Quebec forests and crafted by local craftspeople.

"All in generous roundness, the Elsie chair gives an impression of durability and comfort, enhanced by the warmth of solid wood," said Appareil Atelier.

Elsie wooden chair with armrests in a neutral-toned room
The chair is made from red oak wood

Elsie is constructed by mortise and tenon assembly, with exposed joints highlighting the craftspeople's skills.

"Both solid and elegant, the Elsie Collection expresses a language of strong and fine proportions," said Appareil Atelier.

"This chair has over-sized components that are rarely used in bending wood," the studio continued. "In fact, the process used is different from bending and is closer to sculpture for those typical curved forms."

The photography is by Félix Michaud.

Product: Elsie
Brand: Appareil Atelier
Contact: [email protected]

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