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Two red Neotenic lamps by Petite Friture

Neotenic lamp by Jumbo for Petite Friture

Dezeen Showroom: Brooklyn design studio Jumbo has released its first product with French design brand Petite Friture – a table lamp that emulates the distinctive squiggly shape of cavatappi pasta.

The Neotenic lamp consists of an opaline, mouth-blown glass shade and a curvaceous ceramic body that is handmade by artisans in Portugal.

Glossy brown Neotenic lamp
Jumbo has designed the Neotenic lamp for Petite Friture

Jumbo founders Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee designed the lamp to incorporate "the reassuring aesthetics of childhood", combining the shape of cavatappi pasta with rich, saturated colours that evoke aubergines and tomato sauce.

The design is available in three hues and two sizes, including a "petit" 26-centimetre version and a giant version that measures half a metre tall.

Three lamps by Petite Friture in brown, red and cream
The design comes in three colours

"The body requires a complex mould to achieve this rounded shape," said Petite Friture.

"Particularly for the large size, which requires a mould in six parts, manual and meticulous finishing of the ceramic before firing, drying against gravity and painting in a shiny and smooth or matte and powdery effect, to be applied in a single and unique gesture," the design brand continued.

Each lamp comes with a built-in LED module designed especially for the collection, which is available from November.

Product: Neotenic lamp
Designer: Jumbo
Brand: Petite Friture
Contact: [email protected]

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