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Photograph showing a row of sensory pods in high-ceilinged room

Sensory Nook acoustic pods by Nook

Dezeen Showroom: acoustic pod manufacturer Nook has expanded its range of pods to include features that aim to help address the needs of neurodiverse individuals. 

Sensory Nook presents enhancements to the brand's existing range of Nook Pods, which feature a gabled structure that facilitates one-to-one and group work, and aims to help neurodiverse individuals cope in often challenging workplace and educational environments.

Photograph showing a row of sensory pods in high-ceilinged room
The pods are equipped with lighting that serves a variety of purposes

Additions to the pod include internal mirrors to ease the intensity of eye contact, specialised lighting with colour-changing capabilities, vibrating seat cushions to help reduce fidgeting, and a twinkling carpet wall that is intended to reduce anxiety.

These inclusions help to alleviate symptoms and improve concentration and relaxation in neurodiverse people, including those with ADHD, dyslexia and autism.

Photograph showing figure sitting inside sensory pod
They can be situated in workplace and learning environments

The additions to the Nook Pod range aim to provide a "psychologically safe space from which to escape the 'always on' feeling inherent in open plan workspaces," explained Nook.

"Nook is bringing the science of neuroinclusivity into the spaces where we work, learn, heal and play," said the company.

Product: Sensory Nook
Brand: Nook
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