Wooden DC10 chair in a room with white french doors

DC10 chair by Inoda + Sveje for Miyazaki Chair Factory

Dezeen Showroom: design duo Inoda + Sveje and Japanese furniture manufacturer Miyazaki Chair Factory have collaborated to create a lightweight chair with a curved wooden shape.

Named DC10, the chair's frame is made from a carved piece of wood that was designed to showcase the material's natural colour and grain.

Wooden chair in a room at a wooden desk
The chair is made from carved wood

"It is a facet that could not have been seen by cutting the wood straight through, with the result that every mark in the wood is different for each piece," said Miyazaki Chair Factory.

The chair is a development from Inoda + Sveje and Miyazaki Chair Factory's previous design – the DC09 chair. For DC10, woven material was used for the chair's seat to make the chair lighter than the previous model.

Top view of the DC10 chair at a desk
The chair's wooden backrest curves to form armrests

"Perfection here lies not only in aesthetics but also in technicality and in making the best use of the material," said Miyazaki Chair Factory.

"Strength should not come from weight. In fact, the furniture should not only be beautiful to look at but also pleasant to use."

The brand used a combination of handcrafting and CNC technology to manufacture the chair.

Product: DC10
Designer: Inoda + Sveje
Brand: Miyazaki Chair Factory
Contact: [email protected]

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