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Kameleon Office Booth by Askia Furniture in workplace

Kameleon Office Booth by Askia Furniture

Dezeen Showroom: the Kameleon Office Booth is a pod by Romanian brand Askia Furniture that is designed to adapt to suit different workspaces "like a chameleon does in nature".

Askia Furniture designed the Kameleon Office Booth in response to contemporary offices, which are ever-changing and require flexible workspace solutions, it said.

Person assembling a Kameleon Office Booth
The Kameleon Office Booth is an adaptable pod

"Office booths have become very useful products in the office space, but due to their predefined shape and finishes, they can't be so easily integrated in the design of the office and architects tend to frequently neglect them," said chief designer Dragos Motica.

"We wanted to change that and offer them a product which can fuse seamlessly just about anywhere, like a chameleon does in nature."

Detail image of felt-lined office booth
The interior is lined with replaceable felt panels

The Kameleon Office Booth comes in different sizes and is customised with a panel-based system, where different coloured elements are attached to and removed from the structural frame over time.

Similarly, the interior of a pod is lined with sound-proof felt panels that are attached using magnets and can be easily replaced.

Kameleon Office Booth with two yellow sofas
The exterior panels can also be switched in and out

"The 'chameleonic capability' is obtained due to our patented system of changing the exterior panels, very quick and without tools," said the brand.

"This allows us to obtain different visual looks on the same structural frame – from a sober, minimalistic look to a more joyful or colorful look."

Office booth with green-felt interior
The booths come in different sizes

According to Askia Furniture, almost all of the Kameleon Office Booth structure is recyclable – with its main structure made from wood and chipboard, and the glass frames made from aluminium and steel.

The structure is also shipped flat-packed and designed to be quickly and easily assembled in less than 40 minutes, with only two people using four Allen keys.

Product: Kameleon Office Booth
Brand: Askia Furniture
Contact: [email protected]

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