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Aerial view of seating from Mino Sofa Series

Mino Sofa Series by De Vorm

Dezeen Showroom: furniture maker De Vorm has launched the Mino Sofa Series, which is made up of modular seating that can be adapted to suit various interiors.

The Mino Sofa Series is defined by a slender frame overhung by upholstered cushions with curved edges, designed by De Vorm for a timeless aesthetic.

Aerial view of seating from Mino Sofa Series
De Vorm has launched the Mino Sofa Series

"Mino Sofa is an elegant sofa with distinct, clean lines and timeless expression," said the Dutch furniture maker.

"Its elegant, yet functional design makes Mino Sofa a perfect choice for various settings, from professional environments, such as offices and public spaces, to more relaxed settings in hotel lobbies and restaurants."

Cream-coloured sofas with coloured frames
The modular seating can be adapted to suit various interiors

The Mino Sofa Series modules can be used as everything from a series of compact armchairs to a one-off, statement three-seater.

To further adapt them to their setting, the modules be also customised with a range of colourful fabrics, complemented by matching or contrasting coloured frames.

Product: Mino Sofa Series
Designer: Klinger Bordihn
Brand: De Vorm
Contact: [email protected]

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