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An interior and kitchen featuring wooden flooring and furniture

Madera's Seamless Wood Design aims to ensure all wooden features in interiors work "as one"

Promotion: interiors brand Madera has launched a system called Seamless Wood Design that aims to ensure wooden products in a building work "harmoniously as one".

The brand is known for creating wood flooring, which is designed to showcase the beauty and durability of wood, in addition to a number of interior features, such as stairs, doors and cabinets fronts.

A staircase featuring wooden flooring
Madera says it is committed to sustainably sourcing timber throughout the globe. Architecture by Woods and Dangaran. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Seamless Wood Design aims to ensure that wooden features in an interior complement each other.

This includes guaranteeing the stairs, architectural panels, grilles, vents, interior doors, cabinet fronts and millwork all match "seamlessly" with each other and the flooring, depending on the customer's wishes.

An open plan interior featuring wooden walls and flooring
Seamless Wood Design ensures that wooden products in an interior work together. Architecture by SAW// Spiegel Aihara Workshop. Photography by Mikiko Kikuyama

"We believe wood flooring looks best when speaking to other wood elements in the space," said Madera founding partner, Daniel Clason-Höök. "We've developed a system of high-quality engineered products that can be customized to fit almost any application."

"Our products combine the beauty and durability of solid wood with the increased stability and economy of an engineered platform," he continued.

An interior glad in wood
Madera is known for creating wooden floors, which are designed to showcase the beauty of wood. Architecture by Madera and Métier Design House. Photography by George Del Barrio

Seamless Wood Design also aims to break down the process of producing engineered wood products "maximising quality, sustainability and innovation at every step".

As a result, it offers designers and homeowners a flexible and customisable system that maintains the character of wood throughout an interior.

A wooden interior
Madera also produces a number of customisable interior features, such as cabinet fronts. Architecture by Desai Chai. Photography by Paul Warchol

Madera says it has spent a decade researching the highest quality wood, and its in-house design team works closely with foresters, sawmills and fabricators to create custom flooring, integrated millwork and bespoke furniture that "values the honest design of natural materials in the name of functional simplicity".

Madera floors are made from a range of wood species, including oak, walnut, pine and ash, which make up its five collections – the Stockholm Collection, Atelier collection, Volant Collection, Terra Collection and Antique Heart Collection.

An interior featuring a wall glad in wood
Madera works with designers, architects and homeowners to create solutions to both enhance and complement interiors. Image by Madera

The brand says it is committed to sustainably sourcing timber throughout the world.

"At the core of every floor is our commitment to utilizing only the highest quality lumber, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and exceptional craftsmanship from skilled and respected artisans from around the world," said Clason-Höök.

To learn more about Madera, visit its website.

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