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Interior of Grand Emily Hotel Lobby

Thermory wood cladding forms backdrop to Grand Emily Hotel in Ukraine

Promotion: design agency YOD Group has designed the interior for the Grand Emily Hotel Lobby and Terra restaurant near Lviv, opting for Thermory's rustic wood cladding throughout.

The hotel, which was completed this year despite Russia's invasion of Ukraine, is located in the Ukrainian town of Vynnyky near Lviv. The hotel and restaurant form a part of the Emily Resort that YOD Group has designed with a natural, tactile aesthetic.

Hotel lobby of Emily Resort in Ukraine
YOD Group used Thermory products at the Emily Resort in Ukraine

Its aesthetic was achieved using a mix of natural and natural-looking materials, including material manufacturer Thermory's range of Drift cladding.

This saw YOD Group awarded the best interior project in the Thermory Design Awards Grand Prix competition, which was held by Thermory for its 25th anniversary.

Thermory wood cladding above welcome desk
The agency created the interior for the Grand Emily Hotel Lobby

In the Grand Emily Hotel Lobby, the Thermory thermally modified Drift cladding is used across the walls.

It was selected for its worn, rustic appearance, which is intended to evoke reclaimed wood without sacrificing quality or durability.

Tree suspended in Thermory wood-clad atrium
Thermory's Drift cladding was used throughout

Selected in shades of Black Pearl and Smoked Brandy, the cladding provides the lobby with "touchable surfaces" that form a natural backdrop to the space.

"We aimed to get the visual lightness and tell the story about the morning breeze that passes on the lake surface and combs the reeds," said YOD Group designer Volodymyr Nepiyvoda.

Interior of the Grand Emily Hotel Lobby in Ukraine
The wood gives the interiors a natural aesthetic

"We created this emotion by the structure of the boards that we used for the wall covering of the hall," added Nepiyvoda.

The cladding also forms a suitable yet contrasting backdrop to a large sycamore tree that is suspended through the Grand Emily Hotel Lobby, forming its centrepiece.

Hammock in wood-lined Grand Emily Hotel Lobby
YOD Group's aim was to give the hotel "touchable surfaces"

"We rejected the idea of a massive chandelier in the atrium in favour of a strongly meaningful installation," explained Nepiyvoda.

"A tree means connection with roots and family values, growth, and development, strong bar, and flexible branches. It connects the earth and space."

Terra restaurant interior by YOD Group
YOD Group also designed the resort's Terra restaurant

Over in the Grand Emily Hotel's Terra restaurant, Thermory Drift Cladding has also been used.

YOD Group used the material to help blur the boundary between the restaurant interior and a terrace outside that is lined with American sweet gum trees.

Terra restaurant terrace by YOD Group
The Thermory wood is also used in the adjoining terrace

According to Nepiyvoda, it is designed to encapsulate the landscape of western Ukraine.

"We reflect all of that in the interior of Terra restaurant," they said. "Vast expanses, rich colours, textures and flavours, generous nature, lust for life, and existential joy."

To find out more about Thermory products and how they are used, visit the brand's website.

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