Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli Designers for Narbutas

Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli designers for Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: design studio Baldanzi & Novelli designers has created the Worklab mobile office divider for Narbutas to give workplaces a multi-use furniture option.

Worklab combines elements of a media wall, whiteboard, mobile workstation, shelving unit and space divider.

Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli Designers for Narbutas
Worklab is a multifunctional piece of furniture for the office and other hybrid spaces

The piece is highly customisable with a range of colours, finishes and accessories, and its side panels come in either perforated metal or upholstery, both of which can add an aesthetic uplift to the workplace.

Worklab comes on castors so it can be easily moved to wherever it is needed to create a private work area or divide space, and its structure is made of metal for durability.

Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli Designers for Narbutas
It can be customised with various finishes and accessories

Narbutas recommends the multifunctional furniture item for not just offices but public spaces and creative workshops.

"It is a handy tool for managing the flow of people and presentation of services, making it ideal for educational institutions, libraries, banks and post offices," said Narbutas.

Product: Worklab
Designer: Baldanzi & Novelli designers
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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