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McDonald's McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair

McDonald's designs "ultimate gaming chair" for simultaneous snacking and playing

Grease-proof leather and an integrated burger warmer feature in the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, created by fast-food chain McDonald's in a limited edition of four.

Designed for multi-tasking, the black-and-yellow chair comes with standard features such as pillows for neck and lower-back support. But it also features two modular armrest extensions designed to hold various McDonald's menu staples.

McDonald's McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair
McDonald's has unveiled the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair

On one side is a designated slot for holding one of the chain's iconic red chip packages alongside two dips "for double the pleasure", while a metal hook holds reusable napkins.

On the other side, a cup holder sits alongside a circular tin dubbed a "heat zone" that helps to keep burgers warm while gaming.

Yellow and Black gaming chair
It comes with armrest extensions for holding chips, burgers and drinks

The chair's modular design also allows the two armrest extensions to be swapped so they can suit both left- and right-handed players.

Its grease-proof leather upholstery was emblazoned with the name of McDonald's latest permanent menu item – the McCrispy chicken burger.

The chair was produced in a limited edition of four, with two gifted to UK gamers Manny and Elz The Witch. McDonald's is set to give away another one of the chairs via a Facebook competition to celebrate the launch of the McCrispy.

The fast-food chain isn't the first major company to try its hand at designing gaming chairs. Swedish furnituremaker IKEA previously launched an entire esports furniture collection, containing four desks with accompanying chairs at various price points to "democratise the gaming experience".

With a similar aim, Croatian furniture brand Dizz Concept created a multifunctional workstation, which resembles a large cabinet but is big enough to accommodate a desktop computer, several monitors and a gaming chair.

The images are courtesy of McDonald's.