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Loughborough University spotlights six student design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a book for children about dyslexia and a stroke patient rehabilitation system feature in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Loughborough University.

Also included is a journal that encourages mindfulness through performing craft activities and an instrument that aims to help facilitate successful hip replacement surgeries.

Loughborough University

Institution: Loughborough University
School: Design and Creative Arts
Courses: MSc User Experience Design, MA User Experience and Service Design, MSc Integrated Industrial Design, MA Graphic Design and Visualisation
Tutors: Dr Val Mitchell, Dr Andrew May, Dr Patrick Pradel and O Haruna

School statement:

"The School of Design and Creative Arts provides a dynamic, creative and challenging environment for postgraduate study.

"Our range of exciting programmes facilitate intellectual and creative development, enhancing employment possibilities across a range of industries.

"Students benefit from cutting-edge, research-led teaching, outstanding academic, technical and pastoral support and our welcoming and inclusive postgraduate community."

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Craft/Life by Abby Mansion

"Craft/Life utilises illustration, layout design and a variety of print techniques to create a how-to book dedicated to encouraging craft as a mental wellbeing tool.

"The book contains illustrative tutorials for five crafts, which combine to create a therapeutic art journal.

"Each illustration was etched and handprinted and the book itself screw bound with elements of digital printing."

Student: Abby Mansion
Course: MA Graphic Design and Visualisation

Board with images of hip replacement object and text

Precision Hip System by Thomas James Brew

"This design presents a positioning system that aids with accurate placement of the femoral implant to significantly reduce leg length discrepancies in patients after undergoing hip replacement surgeries.

"There is a current lack of instruments and techniques available to surgeons for finding the correct position for the femoral implant during surgery, and as a result, leg length discrepancies are one of the most common complications following a hip replacement.

"To prevent these discrepancies, the Precision Hip System uses 3D printed patient-specific surgical guides as well as a leg length calliper for checking measurements throughout the operation."

Student: Thomas James Brew
Course: MSc Integrated Industrial Design

Board containing visualisations of an app on three phone screens

First Hand by Rianne Gregory

"First Hand is an independent app and service for students and university staff that allows them to create and hear first-person stories as well as views and reflections relating to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

"Addressing problems in EDI can be difficult since not everyone is aware of the discrimination that people face – the duty of educating others typically falls on those who have experienced discrimination.

"However, because First Hand promotes self-directed learning, the listener is now in charge."

Student: Rianne Gregory
Course: MA User Experience and Service Design

Board containing visualisations of an app on phone screens

Everland by Zihan He

"Everland is a community application that can be linked to offline concert events, allowing people to use avatars to make friends, buy digital peripheral merchandise for the avatars and participate in virtual parties after each show.

"It allows people to continue the positive feelings that come with concerts, fulfils a deep need for a sense of belonging, and helps society channel positive behaviour."

Student: Zihan He
Course: MA User Experience and Service Design

Book spread with image collage and text

Alphabetti Spagh-Eddie by Phoebe Dalton

"Alphabetti Spaghetti is an educational resource that visually explains the reality of dyslexia through illustrations and typography.

"As dyslexia remains misunderstood in society due to its various and complex specificities, as well as its ambiguous definition, this book is designed to focus on the treatment of dyslexia through its symptoms rather than its definition.

"Aimed towards children of ages five to seven, this book facilitates learning about dyslexia at an age where the symptoms start to show."

Student: Phoebe Dalton
Course: MA Graphic Design and Visualisation

Visualisation of watch with labelling

Thera by Shih Ching Chang

"Thera is a design solution that aims to motivate and assist stroke survivors in doing upper limb rehabilitation at home.

"The design solution includes one physical solution, theraKit, and one digital solution, theraApp.

"The experience is enhanced by connecting the physical devices with the supporting digital application called theraApp, which is an application that incorporates the therapy processes not only for stroke survivors but also for stakeholders such as healthcare professionals and stroke communities."

Student: Shih Ching Chang
Course: MSc Integrated Industrial Design

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