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BetteEve bath collection by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette

BetteEve baths by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette

Dezeen Showroom: created by designer Dominik Tesseraux for German bathroom brand Bette, BetteEve baths are designed to look as though they have been smoothly hollowed out by running water.

"It is as if the gentle force of water has smoothed the material over millions of years," said Bette of the BetteEve baths, which have a seamless transition between their edge and inner body.

BetteEve bath collection by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette
The BetteEve baths have a smooth transition from rim to inner body

The baths are made from durable glazed stainless steel – an extremely hard material that adds to the silky finish.

The BetteEve collection features three different models: a freestanding tub, an oval built-in bath, or a built-in bath with a rectangular surround.

BetteEve bath collection by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette
A freestanding model is included in the collection

The tubs' generous size is large enough to accommodate two bathers, who are also naturally accommodated by the ellipse shape and its two focal points. The baths have symmetrical backrests and a central waste outlet.

Made in Germany, the BetteEve baths are available in 400 colours including matt white, midnight and blue satin.

Product: BetteEve
Designer: Dominik Tesseraux
Brand: Bette
Contact: [email protected]

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