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Onice floor and wall tile collection by Ceramiche Keope

Dezeen Showroom: Italian floor and wall tile brand Ceramiche Keope has designed a porcelain tile collection made from onyx.

Called Onice, the light-reflecting onyx tiles are available in four different sizes and three unique colour options that weave delicate shades of polished marble together.

Onice tiles
The tiles come in a gleaming shade of grey called Pearl

Pearl offers a cool shade of delicate grey, while Honey incorporates light-coloured warm tones into a stone designed to be reminiscent of sunlight.

Onice's Multicolour option is an unusual blend of sea-like greens and yellows, offset with subtle patches that give the appearance of shadows.

Onice Multicolour tiles
The brand's Multicolour tile option is an unusual sea-coloured blend of tones

Onice tiles are made from onyx, a semi-precious material that is a type of marble, and are suitable for both walls and floors indoors, with the largest slab size being especially suitable for bathroom surfaces.

"Precious, resistant and bright, this marble stone is the result of technological innovation applied to interior design and gives depth to settings thanks to the games of light on reflective surfaces," said Ceramiche Keope.

Product: Onice
Brand: Ceramiche Keope
Contact: [email protected]

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Onice tiles
Onice tiles
Onice tiles
Honey-coloured tiles