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Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn

Dezeen Showroom: for his brand named Sheyn, Vienna-based designer Nicolas Gold has created a range of intricately patterned homeware called Tiny Architecture that is made using 3D printing techniques.

Gold trained with Zaha Hadid before founding Sheyn with partner Markus Schaffer to focus on creating what they term "Tiny Architecture" — homeware made with an architect's predilection for fussing over "the tiniest details of furniture and fixtures".

The Tiny Architecture collection includes vases, bowls, planters and lighting, all made from a light, sturdy, recyclable corn-based bioplastic.

Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn
The Tiny Architecture homeware is made with the attention to detail of architecture

"This obsession with designing for the smallest spaces has now collided with the democratisation of modern technologies like open-source 3D modelling and 3D printing to produce a new kind of architecture that can fit in the palm of your hand or the corner of your table," said Sheyn.

There are several patterns in the collection, including the asymmetrical Bloz and the fabric-like Fald, which features delicate-looking folds of different depths.

Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn
All of the pieces are 3D printed in Vienna

Tiny Architecture comes in 14 different colours, which Sheyn says are slightly modified by the use of partly recycled material, adding to the individuality of each piece.

Product: Tiny Architecture
Designer: Nicolas Gold
Brand: Sheyn
Contact: [email protected]

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